Mundo Hispano

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Meet inspiring young people in the Spanish-speaking world!
We meet Batallones Femeninos in Juarez, Mexico and Patricio in Buenos Aires, Argentina, In Spain we visit Barcelona, Madrid and Seville in Andalusia.
Get to know amazing young people, fascinating areas and interesting topics. Look, listen and learn, compare, discuss - and enjoy!

Documentary / authentic material
From five Spanish speaking locations world wide
Target group: teenagers and adults
From language level A2-B1
Approximately 30 minutes material from each of the five locations, divided into seven different program parts from each place.
In total 150 minutes

Mi querida familia

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An entertaining language soap.
In ten short, continuos episodes intended for both a young and older audience, for beginners and almost beginners, we meet a modern, three generations family in downtown Madrid and get a taste of friendship, romance and jealousy.
Filmed on location in Madrid with professional actors.

Fiction / language soap
Target group: teenagers and adults
From language level (almost) beginner's level
77 minutes divided into 10 episodes

Qué rico!

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A series of programs where you follow six teenagers in their kitchens where they make their favorite snack.
The teens have been filmed in a dogma inspired way, when preparing their favorite snack. The scenes crazingly swing to lively hard rock music and include mishaps and blunders.
Apart from practicing the foreign language in a with-it way, one also gets a certain cultural knowledge and tasty tips for easy-to-make snacks without missing one’s tip!

Food programs
Target group: 12 years old+
From language level almost beginner's level
6 programs x 5 minutes

La buena vida!

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An inspiring and stimulating series in Spanish.
A documentary series showing real life for Spanish people and families in different areas of Spain.
We visit Santiago in Galicia, Tarragona, Valencia, Barcelona, Madrid and Barcelona.

Target group: teenagers and adults
From language level lower intermediate / intermediate
6 programs x 10 minutes

El Cuarto Misterioso

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An exciting, continuos language soap in 20 short dramatized episodes and five documentaries, filmed on location in Mexico City and Barcelona.

Drama / fiction / language soap
Target group: from 13-14 years old
From language level beginner's level+
The language progression covers the first years studies in Spanish
20 episodes x 8-10 minutes
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